Anrick is a cross-disciplinary Director, exploring immersive storytelling through Volumetric, VR, AR, and beyond. My work lies at the intersection of narrative and experiential technology.

I am an Official Snapchat Lens Creator, and collaborate with and consult for companies like Google, Microsoft, Nike and Sony, and organizations such as The Guardian, UNHCR, the V&A, and PBS.

I am passionate about finding real stories, and using processes based on deep research, iterative prototyping and world-building to bring them to life.




A Symphony of Noise

A prototype of a musical Virtual Reality Experience we are building, created with the support of the Arts Council and Creative XR. It allows you to explore the world and discover all the sounds that are present at any one time. We will be expanding this project in the coming months.

Creative XR, Sheffield DocFest, Venice Film Festival


Storm VR

A multi-award winning, self-made, atmospheric Virtual Reality game about extreme weather, identify and artificial intelligence. This project started as a way to explore UX in VR, and grow into a full-blown gaming experience, now available on Steam and Oculus, and coming soon to PSVR.


Sea Prayer

A story by author Khaled Hosseini about refugees, Syria, and a fathers last goodbye. Brought to life in Tilt Brush by Liz Edwards, with music by the Kronos Quartet. Made in collaboration with the VR team at The Guardian and UNHCR.

Official selection at Cyclope Festival at Dok Leipzig, SIMA Best VR Experience winner & Jury Prize for Immersive Impact. Immersive Animation Award at the VR Awards. FWA winner.


Prius 'Prototypes'

For this commission by Toyota, we created a series of art installation, with the goal to create films inside of them. The three 'prototypes' each explored a different way to bring real-time visual effects to life around the new Prius. All effects  created in-camera. 



Working with R/GA, we created a 360 documentary about one of Siemens’ signature products. In Germany we learn about Claus Cremers, a software engineer working on the “Mindsphere”: an interconnected network of devices that allows smooth and efficient workflows for a wide range of industries. We spent a few days with Claus, learning about how The Internet of Things will transform how we work, and how we live. And we filmed Klaus both at work, as well as with his family at home, to understand more about what his typical day looks like.


The Party

A Virtual Reality experience about autism, based on the experiences of autistic women, made with Lucy Hawking and The Guardian VR team. Written by Sumita Majumdar, co-directed by Shehani Fernando.

Official selection Cyclope Festival,  Doc Leipzig. Winner at the VR Expo. 


Crime Scene

A volumetric Virtual Reality experience built for the Google Daydream VR headset, allowing you to explore a crime scene, and learn about the reality of Forensic Science. Co-directed by Nicole Jackson, and made with the fantastic VR team at The Guardian.

Winner of the Immersive Game Award at the VR Awards.


Experience Barcelona

During 4 intense days of filming in some of Barcelona's most iconic locations, we created a 4D haptic Virtual Reality car chase, allowing viewers to glide, fly, race and even skateboard in 360 degrees. 


The Return

This Cinematic VR experience is about Annapurna, a young woman in rural India who teaches young children. The story of her family, and her journey to becoming a teacher, explores the work ChildFund does to help children all over the world.



An award-winning VR film about water poverty, launched at Sundance Film Festival, exploring how Water.org is bringing clean water into the homes of millions of families across the globe, and what a difference that makes.



Linden Lab®, the creators of Second Life®, is building a new social VR project called Sansar. I was invited to become an early creator and help test this new platform for creating social virtual experiences.

Working with a small R&D team, we set out to create a space dominated by old ruins, and adorned with stone-carved monkey heads. A lush, jungle environment full of trees and plants, it would have majestic but crumbling towers, large courtyards, but equally small narrow walkways. With stunning views, have some activities for people to play with as well.


Bvlgari - Hidden Treasures

In one of the first 8k VR experiences ever created, we teamed up with Google to create a luxury version of Google Street View, inspired by the the ‘Roman Treasures’ that inspires the luxury jewellery of BVLGARI. The 360º cross-platform experience allows users to take nighttime strolls through Rome’s most iconic locations and discover their influence on BVLGARI collections like Serpenti, inspired by the Spanish Steps.

FWA website & mobile site of the day winner


Lexus Elevate

A VR film created with Lexus and Team One USA, allowing people to join Christian van de Velde on a day of training, and see the world from his eyes. We filmed this project using custom-made 360 camera rigs in the beautiful mountains of Malibu.


The Most Northern Place

The Most Northern Place is a simple but powerful web documentary about a small town in Northern Greenland. It tells of a clash of cultures and a conflict of territory set during the run-up to the Cold War, and the forced the relocation of the Inuit population native to the town of Thule by the U.S. Army, circa 1953.

Horizon Award winner, part of PBS Pov Docs Interactive Shorts


Find Your Way To Oz

“Find Your Way to Oz” is a Google Chrome Experiment whicht allows you to take an interactive journey through a Kansas circus. You are swept up by a massive storm which leads you to the land of Oz.

In this project our goal was to combine the richness of cinema with the technical capabilities of the browser to create a fun, immersive experience that users can form a strong connection with.

FWA site of the day, month and year, Communication Arts Annual


Re: Shakespeare

A project to bring Shakespeare to life for 11-18 year olds.

The Android app, called RE:Shakespeare, features interactive games and videos and is hosted by RSC ambassador, David Tennant. It also features actress Tamsin Greig, beatbox artist Shlomo, rapper and poet Akala, and RSC director, Iqbal Khan.

These charismatic mentors unlock Shakespeare’s language, transforming difficult lines into fun lyrical challenges and helping students to reinterpret, re-mix and perform Shakespeare like never before.

Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, Lovie Awards, FWA, One Show



A voice-controlled art installation about intimacy and collaborative interaction.

Exhibited at the V&A, DDD Milan, OFFF Barcelona and many other places. Made with Luciano Foglia, and filmed by Paulo Zerbini. 


Black Diamond

Stella Artois as a brand reflects the cool side of classic French cinema. For their latest campaign they wanted to bring on-board immersive theatre innovators Punchdrunk, to work with us in order to combine an immersive mix of real-life cinematic theatre and online interactive storytelling.

LA Movie Awards, FWA & Davey award winner



The worlds first interactive anime, allowing the viewer to be an active part of a traditionally animated short film, using the newest webcam motion tracking technology. Attraction was developed to discourage teenagers from smoking, and co-directed by Koji Morimoto, and made with Studio 4c in Tokyo.

Winner at the Cannes Lions, New York Film Festival, Webby's, FWA, Creativity, and the New Media Film Festival.